A Guest Boat visiting Yacht Club with Marina Mate Invoicing Software

Exploring Items for Rent

If you have assorted water sport items, bicycles, or other items that can be rented, MARINA MATE offers the functionality to  manage the rental process.  The system provides for defining the items to be rented, recording the items being rented, collects any rental deposits, receives the items being checked back in, and generating charges for invoicing.  Fees may be collected when items are checked out or checked in.  Charges may also be applied to club member's, client's or guest's account. 

Associated to Rentals Management:
  • Rental rates include hourly, 2-hourly, 4-hourly, daily and weekly
  • Optional rental deposit, damage deposit and cleaning fees may be applied
  • Attach pre-rental photo and/or rental waiver when items are checked out
  • Rental charges collected either in-advance or when items returned, or recorded to the renter's account
  • Invoices are generated and may be printed and/or emailed
  • For each inventory item rented, Year-to-Date, Last-Year and Life-to-Date totals are kept for Times Rented and $ Sales

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Manage rentals using the same software as used for moorage and membership billing
  • Offer transient guests, or club members, rentals of popular water sport toys and machines

   Sample Screen Shots for Guest Management: