Marina Mate Harbor in Alaska

Exploring Multiple Harbors

MARINA MATE offers the option to manage moorage and billing for multiple harbours.  For marinas, yacht clubs and even resort marinas, you may need to assign moorage for clients and guest and members in different geographical locations.  If you actually have seperate harbor offices in each location, staff can be assigned a default harbor code and network printer for their particular office.   Moorage assignments can be made from any office to any of the harbors.

Associated to Managing the Multiple Harbors:
  • Define up to 6 harbors to manage moorage for
  • Set up an alternate harbor for Yacht Club outstations
  • Set up multiple harbors for municipal Harbor Authorities if applicable
  • Record the name of the Harbor Master
  • Assign a network printer to each office
  • Setup dock graphics for each harbor 
  • Docks and Slip are tied to their own Harbor                  
  • From the Graphical Moorage Slips Query function select the harbor to view
  • Assign moorage graphically to any harbor 
  • With the mouse move vessels from one harbor to another
  • Generate Contracts for moorage and recurring charges for each harbor separately

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Easily assign moorage to any of the harbors being managed
  • If a Yacht Club needs to assign moorage to it's outstations, this becomes an easy process to manage
  • If needed easily record to the system when a client or guest is moved to a slip in another harbor
  • There is no conflict with the naming of docks or slip codes as they coded in separate files for each harbor
  • For term moorage or recurring billings, contracts are charges are generated for each harbor seperately

   Sample Screen Shots for Multiple Harbors: