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Enter, Manage and Receive Goods for Your Company's Purchase Orders
Series 5 Purchase Order Processing

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P/O Menu IconThe Series 5 Purchasing system handles on-line entry, maintenance and control of your company's Purchase Orders and the resulting Receiving of ordered goods.  POs may be entered directly, or be generated from Requisitions which are entered and formally approved.  The POs may be printed or emailed as PDF files to your suppliers.  Purchase Orders may also be issued and tracked in any currency, with the Landed Cost of items computed at the time they are received in your local currency.  The P/O system works directly with Accounts Payable such that when the supplier's Invoice is entered, keying in the PO # retrieves all applicable information for recording the A/P Voucher and its Expense Distributions.  If using Series 5 Inventory system, Requisitions with RFQs and Candidate POs are automatically created from the Purchasing Advice report to order new Inventory, and when goods are received, applicable Quantity fields in the Inventory Items are updated.

The P/O system helps ensure the correct quantity, and quality, of goods received are as ordered.  The Vendor Performance report helps to identify which suppliers are reliable to help reduce the chance of running out of inventory.  Extra Costs such as Freight or Brokerage Fees may also be tracked for each purchase order, and when combined with the supplier's costs, a Landed Cost is computed.  The P/O controls the formal Purchasing process with the following data entry and reporting functions:

  • Entry and Formal Approval of Requisitions
  • Create multiple POs from one Requisition
  • Create and manage Requests for Quotes
  • Entry and printing of Purchase Orders in any Currency
  • The Receiving of PO ordered goods as Shipments
  • Generation of Cash Requirement and Scheduled Receipts Reports

The following diagram shows how P/O integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for Purchase Order Processing