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Record and Depreciate Your Fixed Assets
Series 5 Fixed Asset Management

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F/A Menu IconThe Series 5 Fixed Assets Management system offers maintenance and control of your company's Fixed Assets.  It provides for the tracking of Assets for up to five different reporting entities. For example, you may track depreciation for General Ledger Book Value, or for Tax purposes, totally independent of one another.  Depreciation may be processed either on a monthly or annual basis, and a number of different reports are available.  It also produces distributions that interface to the Series 5 General Ledger system. Sentinel Hill's Fixed Assets application will reduce costs and improve the accuracy of your fixed asset accounting. Sentinel Hill's Fixed Assets application controls your company's Asset Depreciations with the following data entry, inquiry and reporting functions:

  • Record your Assets properties, Depreciation Methods and Net-Book Value
  • Calculates Asset Depreciation
  • Handle the Disposal of Assets
  • Offers a Depreciation Forecasting Report



The following diagram shows how F/A integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for Fixed Asset Management