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Users' E-Requests
Series 5 Web Access Manager

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W/M Menu IconThe Series 5 Web Access Manager system provides a "back end" to those Series 5 applications that have been Web enabled.  (Currently including the Accounts Receivable system and the Professional Invoicing system).  W/M manages the WEB Access Users profiles, provides an Inquiry display of the users that are connected, and launches the E-Request Service routines.  It is the application that controls restricted access to, the monitoring of, and the servicing of your company's WEB site's functions that interface with Series 5 systems.  Basic functions include:

  • Define users that are allowed access to your Website's restricted functions
  • Monitor the activity of users accessing your Website's restricted functions
  • Accumulates Web access statistics
  • Provides an E-Request Service routine to handle those Web User's requests at the back end (ie., those functions requiring extended processing).
  • CGI Web servicing routines to manage restricted access to Series 5 Web enabled systems
  • CGI Web servicing routines to display customer A/R Balances, Historic P/I Invoices and/or Invoice supporting charges information.

The W/M system can be easily adapted to "Web Enable" almost any type of application to which you wish to offer access over the World Wide Web.

The following diagram shows how W/M integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for Web Access Manager