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Exploring Revenue Tracking

For all invoiced charges entered in MARINA MAT, Revenue Distributions are generated.  Each distribution has associated a General Ledger Account.  Revenue accounts are derived from the Charge Task Codes assigned to the different charges.   GL Revenue accounts are defined in the Accounts Receivable system and made up of a "Main Account" and a "Profit Centre", both of which are numeric.  Once invoices are posted to the Accounts Receivable system, the associated revenue distributions are available for reporting and ready to be moved to your General Ledger system contributing to the financial statements.  In the event the Series 5 General Ledger system is not used, you may export all distributions from the A/R system to spreadsheet or tab-delimited files.

Associated to Revenue Tracking:
  • All charges entered in the system are tagged with a G/L Revenue account
  • Revenue Accounts are assigned to each Task Charge Code defined in the system
  • A different Profit Centers may be assigned to all charges associated to a given Dock
  • All charges defined in the system must have a Task Charge Code assigned to them
  • Assign default Task Charge Codes to moorage, power and club membership charges
  • Assign Task Charge Codes to the system standard charges and any user defined charges
  • A/R Distributions may be exported to tab-delimited files or Excel spreadsheets
  • A/R Distributions may be exported to tab-delimited files or Excel spreadsheets

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Accumulate revenue totals for different types of charges
  • Accumulate revenue separately for each Moorage Dock defined in the system
  • Interface G/L distributions to the Series 5 General Ledger system, or to other financial accounting systems

   Sample Screen Shots for Revenue Tracking: