Marina Mate Harbor in Alaska

Exploring Dock Walk

MARINA MATE offers a number of apps that can be executed from a smart phone or tablet utilizing a Web Portal.  Two of these are available to staff of the marina or yacht club (utilizing a signon protocal).  The "Dock Walk" may be used as the staff member walks along the selected dock.  Information about each slip can be displayed and edited if something is not as expected.  (ie., A different boat is present; the slip is empty when expected; a different power is being used; or the LOA is obviously wrong). 
The user can edit the "Inspection Status" field.  The follwing settings are available:
  •  Slip is Occupied/Empty As Expected
  •  Slip Has a New Arrival
  •  Vessel Has Departed
  •  Vessel Has Not Yet Departed
  •  Vessel With a Reservation Has Arrived
  •  Vessel With a Reservation Had Not Yet Arrived
  •  Slip is Occupied by a Different Boat
  •  Slip is Unexpectedly Empty
  •  Vessel Has Moved to a Different Slip
As changes are being made during the walk, they are being applied to the Series 5 Marina Mate system, and are available to the Dock Walk Inquiry function.
The second app is the "Meter Reader". Staff can visit each electrical meter on the docks, and record the meter reading.


Associated to Web Portal's Dock Walk:
  • Select the Dock to walk
  • List items by Slip, Boat Name or Owner Name
  • Set the Moorage Status if not as expected
  • Choose to show just empty slips, occupied slips or only those with vessels arriving or departing
  • Changes made are updated on the Series 5 Marina Management system, to be used for billing

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Walk the dock with a tablet makes it a lot easier than having pen and paper to deal with
  • Moorage status is updated to the main Series 5 Marina Mate software immediately. There is no need to update moorage status after returning back to the office.
  • Verify what vessels are located in every slip, what power they are using and the LOA

   Sample Screen Shots for Dock Walks: