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Manages Your Customers' Receivables and Cash Payments
Series 5 Accounts Receivable

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A/R Menu IconThe Series 5 Accounts Receivable system basically records your customer's invoices and their subsequent payments.  Invoices are automatically loaded from other Series 5 applications, may be interfaced from a user provided sequential file, CSV file, Tab delimited file, Excel file, or manually keyed by an entry clerk.  A variety of related reports may be generated, along with inquiry functions for current and historic records.  The A/R also produces distributions that interface to the General Ledger system.  The A/R controls your company's Receivables with the following data entry, inquiry and reporting functions:

  • Record your Customers' information
  • Entry and inquiry of Customer Invoices
  • Entry and inquiry of Customer Payments
  • Produce Customer Statements and/or Dunning Letters
  • Generate Aging Reports and Overdue Analysis Reports
  • Provides an Analysis of Customer, and related, Sales activity

The Accounts Receivables system handles the Receivables for a single company.  If you have more than one company, then you need only to set up additional Series 5 company systems, one for each.  Each A/R company may be interfaced into it's own G/L, or into a corporate G/L system.

The A/R system is a prerequisit for the the Series 5 Professional Invoicing, Order Entry, Class Registrations and Miscellaneous Invoicing systems.

The following diagram shows how A/R integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for Accounts Receivables