Fish Market Marina in Morrocco with Marina Mate Invoicing Software

Exploring Web Portal Remote Event Sales Entry

When you have a Special Event out on the marina's breakwater, at one of the outstations, or at member's rendezvous miles from anywhere, chances are you will be selling souvenirs or something to eat or drink.  Typically you would  have a pad to record what you are selling and to whom.   MARINA MATE now  provides a Web Portal app that  you can execute on a smart phone or tablet that will record the sales of items at the event.  (You will need to have cellular or wifi access).  
When setting up the event, select the items from the inventory items already defined in the system.  At the event launch the app, select the member, guest or client, and add the items being purchased.  An Event Sales Item Transaction record will be written to the system and in the days following the event, applicable charges will be generated ready to be invoiced.

Associated to Remote Event Sales Entry:
  • Prior to the event, you can select up to 20 different items that you will be selling
  • You may also select a Miscellaneous Item to sell, that when selected, the description and the price may be edited
  • Two different prices can be associated to the items being sold; (ie., Member Price or Guest Price)
  • Up to 10 different items may be sold to each attendee (with a maximum quantity of 99 each) 
  • Days following the event, when the charges associated to the event are generated, each item sold will have a charges record generated that will be available to the next invoice that is generated for the purchaser          
  • For each inventory item sold, Year-to-Date, Last-Year and Life-to-Date totals are kept for quantity sold, and $sales

The Benefits to be Achieved:
  • Provides an easy method for staff to sell things at events that are held in remote locations using their smart phones or tablets
  • No need to record the sale of items on little pieces of paper
  • Charges are automatically generated after the event is over

   Sample Screen Shots for Remote Sales Entry: