Series 5 Accounting Applications  ± Systems Management
Define Company Systems, Printer Queues, User Profiles and System Properties
Series 5 Systems Management

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S5 Menu IconThe Series 5 Systems Management system is provided with all Series 5 applications.  It provides the basic management tools for creating data directories, defining printer queues, establishing user signon rights, and defining system wide control parameters.  Basically, the following functions are provided:

  • Customize the Series 5 Main Menu
  • Define Printer Queues
  • Define "Captured" Windows Network Printers
  • Define Company Systems for each Company or Division for which account applications are processing
  • Defining User Logon Access Priviledges
  • The Users' Logon Access Audit Inquiry
  • Setting up System Control Properties
  • Define Logon/Logoff Messages and Send User Broadcast Messages
  • Disabling and/or Forcing Users off the system