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To ensure a higher quality product WE DO NOT OUTSOURCE the Coding of our software to offshore companies.

If you wish to contact us to offer offshore outsourcing services, please don't waste our time.

About Sentinel Hill Software

Sentinel Hill Software was founded in 1999 by Larry Carlsen. In 1999 Sentinel Hill Software acquired exclusive rights to re-engineer the Series 4 Suite of applications porting them to Windows graphical, (GUI), environment. During this redevelopment the applications were enhanced for ease of use and integration with Microsoft Office Utilities and Windows Systems. The Suite was then renamed and Sentinel Hill Software’s Series 5 Suite of Accounting and Business applications were born. Over the years the applications were continually improved adding new features and functionality based on user feedback and customization requests.

Sentinel Hill Software has also been contracted to port, integrate, and developed different customers’ "home grown" applications to integrate with Series 5. A few examples include: an ADP Payroll interface application, a Royalties invoicing application and Class registration and billing system.

Sentinel Hill is currently continuing development of the Series 5 Suite of Accounting and Business applications to further enhance functionality and benefits of the software. Follow the link to see our accounting software enhancements.