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Services Offered

Series 5 Menu IconSentinel Hill Software Inc. offers support services for existing customers of the Series 5 Accounting Software consisiting of application customization, on-site training, and an annual Software Subscription Support contract.  As well, Sentinel Hill is available for your outsourced development of applications using the Micro Focus suite of Extend products.

Series 5 Applications - Customization

Sentinel Hill offers it's Series 5 Suite of applications for sale.  These are available either as a set of executable runtime libraries, or as a complete set of development sources.  Either way, customized variations of the standard product realeases may be developed.

For example, the following items could be customized:

  • Accounts Payable Checks
  • Accounts Payable Employee Expense Transaction Interface file layouts
  • Accounts Receivable Statements
  • Accounts Receivable "Lock-Box" Cash Receipts Interface file layouts
  • Order Processing Order Forms and Packing Slips
  • Order Processing Picking Ticket Forms
  • Professional Invoicing "EDI" Invoice Interface file layouts
  • Marina Management Invoice and Contract layouts
  • Marina Management Graphic Bitmap Setup
Series 5 Applications - Application Training

Sentinel Hill offers both on-site or remote training for it's Series 5 Suite of applications.

Series 5 Applications - Software Subscription Support

Annual Software Support Subscription, (SSS), services are available to customers using the Series 5 Accounting software.  This is offered with an annual contract.

The following services are provided with SSS:

  • telephone support
  • All reported software bugs are identified and fixed in a timely manner
  • New versions and upgrades of Series 5 Accounting software systems are provided free of charge
New Application Software Development

Series 5 applications were developed using a standard set of application libraries using Micro Focus's Extend Development system.  As a result, the Series 5 applications offer a rich graphical look and feel, and provide a high level of system maanagement.  If users of Series 5 Accounting software packages have a home grown application that requires modernization, or development, these libraries may be utilized as it's foundation.

Developing applications around Series 5 offer the following features:

  • Secure User Logon with User Access logging
  • Logic for multi-company access
  • Management and access to unlimited networked printers
  • Easily developed application menus, complete with menu-item user access rights
  • Logic for Importing/Exporting data from/to Excel
  • Generation and printing of reports as MS Word or PDF documents that optionally may be archived or emailed
  • Logic for automatic sending of emails directly from an application
  • Standardized logic for maintenance of application "Master Records" utilizing a grid based user interface
  • Simple "List-of-Values" lookup routines for application master records
  • WEB based CGI servicing routines that can access application data for display over the World-Wide-Web
Cobol Legacy Application Modernization

The Series 5 Suite of Financial Software Applications have evolved from the early days when they were initially developed.  They actually have undergone severaly major revisions over the past 25 years, originating from what might be called a "Legacy Application",  Initially, written using a properietary language and database system, they have undergone significant change in order to become systems that effectively is an "Open System"

A Source Code Porting tool was written that was utilized to aid in the process up upgrading the original code, to make it more compatabile with Micro Focus's Extend Acu-GT language.  This Porting tool is basically an editor that is controlled by a set specialized commands that examine the legacy source code, and makes decisions as to what code is removed, or replaced.  The following types of modifications were automatically done:

  • Replacement of keywords
  • Replacement of File Definitions and I/O Logic
  • Standardization of Printing Routines
  • Automatic instertion of Copybook modules

Sentinel Hill can utilize the Source Code Porting tool to modernize your legacy application; or it too may be purchased.

Areas of Expertise
Operating Systems:
  • Windows
  • UNIX, Linux
Data Systems:
  • Acu-GT Vision
  • Oracle
  • Micro Focus Extend Products
  • Dreamweaver
  • Help and Manual
  • Microsoft Office