Series 5 Company Systems:

checkmark * Multiple Company Systems
checkmark * Totally Independent Data Sets
checkmark * Define Company Name
checkmark * Define Company Address
checkmark * Define Data FIles Folder
checkmark * Define Archived Reports Folder
checkmark * Define Temporary Files Folder
checkmark * Define Datafile Extensions
checkmark * Define Printer Queues
checkmark * Define G/L Account # Formats

   User Logon Profiles:

checkmark * 15 Character User Codes
checkmark * 15 Character Passwords
checkmark * Passwords with 1 Numeric Digit
checkmark * Passwords with 1 Alpha Character
checkmark * Passwords Require 8 characters
checkmark * Passwords have an Expirey Life
checkmark * No Repeat Usage of Passwords
checkmark * Temporary Logon Access option
checkmark * Temporary Disable Access Option
checkmark * Specify "My Documents" Folders
checkmark * Unix "Thin-Client" Home Directory

      Printer Management:

checkmark * Unlimited Pseudo Printer Queues
checkmark * Use Windows Printer Spooler
checkmark * Use Unix Printers
checkmark * Use "Captured" Windows Printers
checkmark * Define Margins to Printer Queues
checkmark * Define a Font to Printer Queue
checkmark * Assign Network Printers to Queue
checkmark * Output Reports as PDF Docs
checkmark * Output Reports as MS-Word Docs

   System Management:

checkmark * User Logon Management
checkmark * User Access Audit Inquiry
checkmark * Message Broadcast Function
checkmark * Disable Users from Logging On
checkmark * Force Users to Log Off
checkmark * Main Menu Customization
checkmark * 3 Logon Failure Disable
checkmark * Series 5 Licence Management


checkmark * User Logon Access Query
checkmark * Reports Manager Inquiry
checkmark * Monitor System Usage