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Clients, Members & Guests Invoicing, Reservations, Dock Management

Series 5 Marina & Yacht Club Management / Invoicing

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M/M Menu IconThe Series 5 Marina & Yacht Club system manages the billing of term moorage clients, club members moorage, dues and events, and visiting guests charges. It offers an interactive graphical display of the docks layout. Contact information of member, client, guest and description of their boats. It generates related reports, provides historic inquiry, and interfaces to the Accounts Receivable and General Ledger system.  It's the application that controls the financial management of the marina or yacht club.

  • Record information of Guests, Club Members, Clients and their boats
  • Record information about the docks, moorage slips and outstations
  • Generate Moorage New/Renewal Contracts and Invoices
  • Generate Yacht Club Membership Invoices
  • Special Event/Dinners Invoicing
  • Lounge Assessment Management
  • Moorage Postings Management 
  • Manage Sublet Moorage Credit to Slip Owners 
  • Record Moorage Electric Charges
  • Manage Guest Temporary Moorage
  • Record Guest Reservations 14 Months Forward
  • Graphical/Interactive Display of Docks
  • Club Member or Marina Client access from Tablet & Smart Phone
  • Staff "Dock Walk" from Tablet

It handles management for a single club or marina.  If you have more than one company, then you need only to set up an additional Series 5 company systems, one for each.  Each company may be interfaced into it's own G/L, or into a corporate G/L system.

The following diagram shows how M/M integrates with other Series 5 applications.

Diagram for Marina Management


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