Yacht Clubs –

All billing aspects of the Club is managed, as well as member details being recorded for CRM related functions. Membership, moorage, power charges, sublet fees, parking, special events, purchases, lounge assessments, outstation usage, pumpout fees and rental charges may be recorded and invoiced.  The following types of functions and operations can be performed:
  • Automatically generate Moorage Contracts & Charges
  • Automatically generate Membership Charges
  • Automatically generate Metered or Fixed Power Charges
  • Record information about Member vessels
  • Attach photos and copies of Insurance
  • Record details about Moorage
  • Record Membership Seniority
  • Record Member's Vehicles
  • Manage Sublet Moorage Fees and Credits
  • Handle Reciprocal Moorage Guests
  • Manage and Invoice for Special Events; ie., Commodor's Dinner
  • Work Credit Program Management
  • Member Access via computer, smart-phone or tablet
  • Manage Moorage Postings with Member Web Access

Moorage Marinas –

All billing aspects of the Marina is managed, as well as client details being recorded for CRM related functions. Moorage, power charges, parking, purchases, pumpout fees and rental charges may be recorded and invoiced.  The following types of functions and operations can be performed:
  • Automatically generate Moorage Contracts & Charges
  • Automatically generate Metered or Fixed Power Charges
  • Record information about Client vessels
  • Attach photos and copies of Insurance
  • Record details about Moorage
  • Record Moorage Client Vehicles
  • Manage Sublet Moorage Fees and Credits
  • Client Access via computer, smart-phone or tablet
  • Manage Request for Moorage Waitlist 

Guest Marinas –

All billing aspects of the Guest Marina is managed, as well as guest details being historically recorded for CRM related functions.  Moorage, power charges, fuel, purchases, pumpout fees and rental charges may be recorded and invoiced.  The following types of functions and operations can be performed:
  • Automatically generate all Moorage related charges
  • Invoice may be printed or emailed as PDFs
  • Apply standard rates or reciprocal rates for moorage
  • Functions include Arriving, Check-In, and Check-Out
  • Optional Booking Fees and Moorage Deposit for reservations
  • Credit/Debit Card payment accepted with Moneris terminals
  • Take Reservations up to 14 months in advance
  • Record details about Moorage Preferences
  • Client Year-To-Date and Life-To-Date statistics

Dock Management –

Define properties of each moorage slip or side-tie.  Different types of Docks can be defined with slips assigned to each Dock.  Different rates may be assigned to each dock.  Special features or functions associated to moorage are as follows:
  • Define type of moorage for each Slip
  • Bill dock usage by length or square footage
  • Assign separate Guest rates or Client/Member rates
  • Maintain Year-to-Date, Last-Year and Life-to-Date revenue & visits
  • Identify and mark those Slips that can be Sublet
  • Record Power Meter readings per slip
  • Power Meter readings import from spreadsheet
  • "Dock Walk" app available for tablet or smart phone
  • RV Park slips may also be treated as a Dock

Interactive Slip Moorage Management –

Graphical image file(s) of the marina's docks may be defined for use.  With the computer mouse, moorage may be assigned, boats moved or removed.  The display is refreshed for selected dates.  Slips are highlighted with different colors depending whether occupied by guests, club members, or term clients, or as sublets.  From the graphical screen, the following funtions may be performed.:
  • Identify the name of vessel and it's owner
  • View locations of different amperage power outlets
  • Assign moorage to guests, club members or marina clients
  • Interactive Side-Tie moorage assignment 
  • Move boats from one slip to another
  • Hotkey edit guest, member or client properties
  • Hotkey edit slip properties
  • Identify those Slips that can be Sublet
  • View promised assigned Moorage for future dates
  • When assigning moorage, slips able to accomodate the vessel are highlighted in green

Dynamic Side-Tie Management–

On the graphical image file(s) for linear docks side-tie moorage is assigned and displayed.  Boats moored to the dock are shown and can be easily moved.  The display shows remaining available space.  The following features are available:
  • Graphical display shows position, name and size of side-tie vessels
  • Drag and drop vessels to different locations along the dock
  • Distances between vessels are shown
  • Displays distance between vessels
  • Manage vessels on both sides of the linear finger
  • "Dock Walk" report may also be generated
  • Dock graphic is presented for any selected date

Slip Assignment by Date Matrix –

A screen display is offered showing columns of slip codes and rows of dates. Those slips occupied by vessels have a graphic displayed for each day scheduled to be present.  Details of each vessel may be displayed.  The following features are available:
  • The LOA and beam of boats that can occupy the slip is shown
  • Graphics are color coded depending if a Guest, Member or Client
  • Shows both current moorage and future "Pending Contracts" moorage
  • The display is for a selected Dock
  • 14 months of future moorage is preasented

Guest Visit Managment –

The Guest Management routine handles all moorage and billing issues for your temporary guest moorage customers.  Guest details are entered, or pulled from history.  When moorage is assigned, associated charges are automatically computed and ready for invoicing.  Guests are invoiced when they check-in or when they check-out after accumulating assorted charges.  Reservations 14 months in advance can also be made.  The following features are available:
  • Guest and vessel detail is entered, or pulled from prior visit history
  • Moorage assignment is either keyed or selected from the dock graphic
  • Moorage and power charges are automatically computed
  • If applicable, Reciprocal Rates and/or free nights, will be applied
  • Optional Booking Fee and Moorage Deposit may be collected when Reservations are made
  • Moorage Charges are invoiced either when guest checks-in or checks-out
  • Other charges for goods or services may also be entered. (Ie., ice, fuel, laundry, purchases, shower, wifi, garbage and others)
  • Payment made with debit/credit card using Moneris Gateway card reader
  • Invoices are printed and/or emailed
  • Guest status: Arriving, Checked-In, Checked-In Preapaid, Checked-Out, Vacated Slip
  • Photos, MS Word or Excel files may be stored with each Guest profile
  • Memo notes may be stored with each Guest profile

Moorage & Other Charges Entry –

For Yacht Clubs and Marinas, all charges may be entered individually, or Moorage, Utility and Membership charges are automatically generated.  The following features are available:
  • Individuals are selected by Last Name or Boat Name
  • Auto generation of Club Lounge Assessment charges
  • Auto generation of Sublet Moorage Charges and Owner Credits
  • Auto generation of Yacht Club Work Credit charges
  • Charges may be loaded from spreadsheet
  • 36 typical marina charges are provided, as well as up to 25 user defined charges
  • Possible charges are presented and easily selected
  • Guest applicable charges include ice, fuel, laundry, purchases, shower, wifi and garbage
  • Task Codes, rates and revenue accounts are automatically assigned
  • Moorage fees including moorage, power, WiFi and liveaboard tax automatically generated
  • Up to 4 diffferent taxes may be automatically computed based on the type of charge
  • Unit Rates defaulted by charge type, or derived from rate tables

Moorage Rate Tables –

Moorage Rate Tables may be defined for specific date ranges.  Each table offers up to 10 levels of unit prices or discounts for a variety of different units of measure; (ie., feet, sq.feet, gallons, days, months, etc.).  Moorage Rate Tables may be based on the following:
  • Term Moorage by Dock Code
  • Guest Moorage by Dock Code
  • Customer Type and Dock Code
  • Yacht Club Membership Type and Dock Code
  • Reciprocal Guest Club and Dock Code
  • Customer Type and Charge Type
  • Club Member Type and Charge Type
  • Specific Charge Type

Moorage Contracts –

As an option, Moorage Renewal Contracts may be generated with the following features:
  • Generated annually, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly
  • Contract may be printed and/or automatically emailed
  • Moorage charges automatically generated for each contract
  • Slip assignment is flagged as "Pending" until approved
  • "Pending" slip assignments are color coded on the Docks graphical inquiry
  • Applicable environmental fees, WiFi, parking, power and city taxs are applied
  • Contracts can be approved by owners over the web

Moorage Postings –

Generate Moorage Postings for when slips are available. Record those members that have requested the moorage and mark the slip as "Rewarded". Some features associated to the postings::
  • Date available, maximum vessel sizes and rates are recorded
  • Both Term and Sublet Moorage postings 
  • Emails are sent announcing the posting
  • Members can view & request the moorage over the web app
  • Print Moorage Applicants report
  • Emails are sent announcing the Slip being awarded
  • Email is sent to member awarded the moorage
  • Moorage Postings are archived for review

Power Meters and Outlets –

Hydro Meters are defined and my be assigned to specific Moorage Slips, and flagged whether kW-hrs are assigned to the moored vessel. Hydro Outlets are defined and assigned locations associated to specific Slips. They are also assigned (X,Y) coordinates on the interactive Dock Graphic bitmaps.
  • Record Amperage rating of each Meter
  • Optionaly assign Meters to specific Moorage Slip
  • Indicate whether Meter Charges are billed to Moorage owners, or not
  • Import/Export Meter properties from/to spreadsheet
  • Import Meter readings from spreadsheet
  • Past 6 Meter readings kept for display
  • Outlets identify Power Connection Points on each dock
  • Outlets are assigned to Meters and a given Distributions Panel
  • Outlets may be assigned to specific Moorage Slips
  • Graphical Map utility assigns (X,Y) position of Outlets on Dock's graphic bitmap for display
  • Import/Export Outlet properties from/to spreadsheet

Lounge Assessment Management –

If in effect, the system automatically generates invoices for Assessment fees. Charges may be imported from the restaurant ordering system and applied to allotment period credits. When credit is exceeded, charges are invoiced to the member. Assorted reports are available, and members may view a history of charges with web access.
  • Generate Assessment Fee invoices
  • Import Charges from restaurant ordering software
  • Apply charges against allotment period credits
  • Generate member charges when credit balance exceeded
  • Assessment fees invoiced annually or by allotment period
  • Annual, bi-annual or quarterly allotment periods
  • Record food, liquor, taxes and tips amounts separately
  • Detail or summary reports for members or servers
  • Email Member Allotment Status summary function
  • Members may view charges detail and totals over the web
  • Unused Credit Balances recorded to Revenue
  • Applicable G/L Distributions are automatically generated

Special Event Management –

Set up Yacht Club Special Events for parties, dinners, sail-past, etc. Record those individuals that have RSVP'd or requested to attend along with any of their guests. After the event, charges will be generated and available for invoicing.
  • Record if and/or how charges are billed
  • Set 3 different Ticket prices based on Membership
  • Define optional Extra Charge Items
  • Attendee information can be entered manually or Imported from spreadsheet
  • Attendees list can be printed or exported to spreadsheet
  • Reminder emails can be sent with attachments
  • Up to five Guests can also be listed with each attendee
  • Attendees can request seat assignment with other attendees
  • Charges to be invoiced automatically generated 
  • Member can register & request tickets over the web 

Club Member and Marina Client Web Access –

A number of functions are available to staff, Members or Clients over the web from computers, smart-phones or tablets.  Access must be granted and is password protected.  The following functions are available:
  • Dock Walk (staff only)
  • Edit My Profile
  • Review Account Status
  • Historic Invoice Inquiry
  • View Current Charges
  • View & Sign up for Moorage Postings 
  • View and Approve Moorage Renewal Contracts
  • View,  Register & Request Tickets for Special Events  
  • View a Roster of Club Members (Club Members only)
  • View Lounge Assessment Charges (Club Members only)

Extensive Exporting to Spreasheet –

The Series 5 system provides for the loading or dumping of data from or to your favorite spreadsheet.  Data can be read or written directly to Microsoft's Excel, or tab-delimited text files.
Data import/export is offered for the following transactions, master records or analysis:
  • Club Member property fields
  • Marina Client property fields
  • Lounge Assessment Charges
  • Past Guest information
  • Boat property fields
  • Moorage Slip properties
  • Power Meter Readings (import)
  • Power Outlet properties
  • Moorge Rate Tables
  • Marina & Yacht Club properties
  • Items for Purchase
  • Task Charge Codes
  • Moorage Contract Detail
  • Special Events Guest properties or list
  • Request for Moorage Waitlist (import)