checkmark * Define Dock and Slip Properties
checkmark * Assign Slips Graphically
checkmark * Record Slip Power Meter Readings
checkmark * Import/Export Slip Properties
checkmark * Define Guest Moorage Rates
checkmark * Define Term Moorage Rates
checkmark * Moorage Contract Management
checkmark * Request for Moorage Waitlist Management

      Dock Management:

checkmark * Interactive Graphical Dock Map
checkmark * Color Coded Moorage Types
checkmark * Date Dependent Display
checkmark * Mouse Assign/Move of Vessels
checkmark * Dynamic Side-Tie Management
checkmark * Tablet “Dock Walk” App

      Yacht Club Management:

checkmark * Member & Vessel Properties
checkmark * Moorage Assignment Information
checkmark * Moorage Posting Management
checkmark * Work Credit Program
checkmark * Lounge Assessment Management

   Sublet Management with Owner Credits:

checkmark * Mark Slips Elegible to Sublet
checkmark * Record Sublet Charges to Owners Slip
checkmark * Credit based on LOA Size Pool Groups
checkmark * Owners Paid by Check or  Credit
checkmark * Assorted Sublet Management Reports

      Guest Visit Management:

checkmark * Record Reservations (12 months)
checkmark * Pre-Assign Moorage
checkmark * Booking Fees & Moorage Deposit
checkmark * Record Moorage Preferences
checkmark * Seperate Reciprocal Rates
checkmark * Guest Visit History Maintained
checkmark * Invoice on Check-In or Check-Out
checkmark * Record all of Visitor Charges
checkmark * Graphical Slip Assignment

  Customer / Member Web Access:

checkmark * Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer
checkmark * Edit Own Profile
checkmark * Review Account Status
checkmark * Approve Moorage Contracts
checkmark * Historic Invoice Inquiry
checkmark * View Current Charges
checkmark * View Club Roster
checkmark * View/Request  Moorage Postings
checkmark * View/Request  Special Event Tickets
checkmark * Lounge Charges Inquiry


checkmark * Standard & User Defined Charges
checkmark * Member Moorage Rates
checkmark * Term Customer Moorage Rates
checkmark * Guest Moorage Rates
checkmark * Fixed or Usage Moorage Power
checkmark * 4 Possible User Taxes
checkmark * Auto Generate Moorage Charges
checkmark * Auto Generate Member Charges
checkmark * Auto Generate Event Charges
checkmark * Credit Card Management
checkmark * Moneris Credit Card Payment


checkmark * Printed or Emailed as PDFs
checkmark * Formated with MS Word Templates
checkmark * Reprint or email Historic Invoices
checkmark * System Generated Printed/Emailed
checkmark * As Pre-Paid or "On-Account"

   Yacht Club Special Events

checkmark * Ie., Commodore's Dinner, Sail Pass
checkmark * Set Ticket Rates & Optional Charges
checkmark * Select Members & Define Guests
checkmark * Seat/Table Assignment
checkmark * Auto Generate Charges/Invoices
checkmark * Send Event Email Reminders

   Moorage Postings Management

checkmark * Record Available Moorage
checkmark * Both Term and Sublet Moorage
checkmark * Email New Posts Announcements
checkmark * Record Member Moorage Request
checkmark * View & Request Posts over the web
checkmark * Email Moorage Awarded Notices

   Lounge Assessment Management

checkmark * Invoice Members for Assessments
checkmark * Import Charges from Restaurant System
checkmark * Apply Charges to Allotment Balance
checkmark * Invoice Charges when Credit Used Up
checkmark * Sends Allotment Status Emails to Members
checkmark * Reports by Member or Lounge Server
checkmark * Members View Assessment Charges over the Web


checkmark * Club Member Properties
checkmark * Member Application & Seniority Info
checkmark * Term Customer Properties
checkmark * Guest Properties
checkmark * Attach Documents or Photos
checkmark * Boat Properties Maintained
checkmark * Assorted Filters for Reporting
checkmark * Bulk Email Sending
checkmark * Spreadsheet Import/Export