Establish Password Access Rights for Customers and/or Staff –

You define Web Users access profiles with name, password, secret questions/answers, (for use if they forget their passwords), and contact information.  You can set up users as either being staff, or as being one of your customers.  You can also assign up to 40 specific Customer Codes to which the Web User can access the data for while on the web site.

Active Connections Inquiry –

You can Inquire as to which users are actually signed on to the web site at any given moment.  You can see what function they last requested, which Customer's data they are viewing, and if needed, you can terminate the user.

Last 60 Periods Statistics –

The system accumulates statistics associated to Web Users signons, and as to which functions were requested.  Statistics are kept for the last 60 hours, days, weeks and months, each of which may be displayed to a bar chart, and output to a spreadsheet.

E-Request Server –

Web Users visiting the web site may request for a variety of different functions that cannot be handled directly by the web server.  These requests are submitted as jobs that are queued to the E-Request Server to be processed.  The E-Request Server is a program that executes each of the different types of requests, and sends an email back to the user with whatever attachments are applicable.  You can have any number of E-Request Servers running, on different processors, that can be configured to service particular customers, or staff, or specific types of requests.

Web Jobs Request Inquiry –

Functions that have been submitted by Web Users are kept in an E-Request Queue.  There is an inquiry function that displays the jobs in the queue.  You can display the properties associated to each job, they can be terminated, or completed jobs can even be resubmitted.

Export to Spreadsheet Capability –

The Series 5 system provides for the loading or dumping of data from or to your favorite spreadsheet.  Data can be read or written directly to Microsoft's Excel, or tab-delimited text files.
Data Import or Export is offered for the following transactions, master records or analysis:
  • Input of Web Users Access properties data
  • Output of Web Users properties data
  • Output of Past 60 Periods Statistics