WEB Users:

checkmark * Allowed to Access Website
checkmark * Password Access
checkmark * Secret Question/Answer
checkmark * Password rules and expirey
checkmark * Connection & Usage Statistics Kept


checkmark * Launch E-Request Server
checkmark * Launch E-Request Monitor
checkmark * Bulk Web User Email Generator
checkmark * "Widow" Connect User Purge
checkmark * Optional Manifest Billing Import


checkmark * Active Web User Query
checkmark * Past 60 Periods Usage Inquiry
checkmark * E-Request Jobs Queue

      E-Request Server:

checkmark * Execute as multiple instances
checkmark * Handles complex Web Requests
checkmark * Service Customer or Staff Requests
checkmark * Email results using Office Outlook
checkmark * Optional Monitor function
checkmark * Accumulates Usage Statistics
checkmark * Requests available to Inquiry
checkmark * Jobs submitted from Website Users

   Web Based Functions:

checkmark * Customer Account Inquiry
checkmark * Forgot My Password Logic
checkmark * Invoice History Inquiry
checkmark * Project Costing WIP Inquiry
checkmark * Display Historic Invoices
checkmark * Request Copy of Invoice
checkmark * Easily add new CGI based functions