Automatic Invoice Generation and Entry –

Sets of a particular pre-defined Invoice may be generated for sets of pre-defined Customers.  As well, Invoices may be generated for a single Customer.  Either way, before being printed, invoices may be edited both for their content, its charges, and the revenue distributions that are to be generated.  The types of transactions that can be generated include the following:
  • Invoices
  • Prepaid Invoices (by Checks, Debit or Credit Card)
  • Credits
  • Debits

Ad-Hoc Historic Invoice Inquiry –

For a selected Customer, you can Inquire and display the list of Invoices that have already been printed and posted to A/R.  Invoices may also be easily re-printed and optionally emailed to your customers.

Define Invoice Templates –

The system provides for you to build standard pre-defined Invoices.  You can select which fields are to be printed, the line and column on the invoice where they are printed, and the size of the body of the invoice.  You can enter free-formatted text within the body of the invoice, and enter any amounts along with their respective revenue distributions.  You may also choose to apply the total value of the invoice to sets of revenue accounts either directly as dollar amounts, or as fixed percentages.  When generating either a single invoice or a set of invoices, you merely only need to select one of the Invoice Templates.

Define Customer Merge Sets –

A Merge Set is just a selected subset list of your customers.  You would typically generate the same invoice to all customers defined in the Merge Set.  For each Customer in the merge set, you can specify a contact name, and email address, a Customer Billing Code, a Contract Period over which Invoices are generated, and if applicable, a Prepayment code.  When generating a set of invoices, you just first need to select one of the Customer Merge Sets.