Purchase Orders:

checkmark * Entered Directly
checkmark * or, from Approved Requisitions
checkmark * Normal, Blanket, or Drop-Ships
checkmark * Suppliers from Accounts Payable
checkmark * For Multiple Warehouses
checkmark * Issued in any Foreign Currency
checkmark * Semi-Random PO Numbers
checkmark * Inventory or Non-Inventory Items
checkmark * Copy from History function
checkmark * May be easily Amended
checkmark * Customized PO Layouts
checkmark * Print as MS Word or PDF Docs
checkmark * Optional Auto-Email of POs


checkmark * Used as an Option
checkmark * List Items to be Purchased
checkmark * By Ship-To or Buyer
checkmark * RFQs for multiple Suppliers
checkmark * RFQs auto-emailed to Suppliers
checkmark * Candidate POs for Review
checkmark * Auto-emailed of POs to Approvers
checkmark * Approve directly or from Mgr Emails
checkmark * Optionally Approval function
checkmark * Password Protected Authorization
checkmark * Generates Formal POs

   Receiving's of Goods:

checkmark * Single or Multi-PO Shipments
checkmark * Interface to Inventory Management
checkmark * Handles Rejected Quantity
checkmark * Record Shipment Extra Costs
checkmark * Enter Custom, Duty & Import Fees
checkmark * Record Changes in Unit Price
checkmark * Computes "Landed Costs"
checkmark * Recorded as History in Detail
checkmark * Buyer emailed on receipt of goods


checkmark * Active or Historic POs
checkmark * Historic PO Line Item Receipts


checkmark * Cash Requirements Report
checkmark * PO Status Report
checkmark * Day-to-Day Scheduled Receipts
checkmark * Period Scheduled Receipts Report
checkmark * Capital Equipment Receipt Report
checkmark * PO Eligible-to-Close Registers
checkmark * PO Exceptions Report
checkmark * Receipts History Report
checkmark * Vendor Performance Report