checkmark * From Employee Timesheets
checkmark * Interface from Spreadsheet
checkmark * Interface from External "flat" Files
checkmark * Timesheets entered in Batches
checkmark * Load Timesheets from User Email
checkmark * Chargeable / Non-Chargeable WIP
checkmark * Auto Assignment of Special Rates
checkmark * Auto Assignment of Revenue Acct
checkmark * Auto Assignment of Costs
checkmark * Auto Computation of Overhead
checkmark * Auto Computation of Cost-Plus
checkmark * Standard or "Special Rates"
checkmark * Task and Employee Validation
checkmark * Assign Valid Projects to Employees
checkmark * Assign Valid Tasks to Projects
checkmark * Multiple Projects per Customer

   Disbursement Entry:

checkmark * From Employee Timesheets
checkmark * Interface from Spreadsheets
checkmark * Inteface from Accounts Payable
checkmark * Record Purchased Goods
checkmark * Record Sub-Contracted Services
checkmark * Record Parts from Inventory
checkmark * Chargeable or Non-Chargeable
checkmark * Invoice with Markup % Applied


checkmark * Automatic Generation by Project
checkmark * "On-Demand" Invoice Generation
checkmark * In Detail or Summary
checkmark * Optional by User Bill Code
checkmark * As MS Word or PDF Documents
checkmark * Format using MS Word Templates
checkmark * Multiple Invoice Layouts Available
checkmark * EDI - Paymentech CrCard Charges
checkmark * EDI - ANSI X12 4010-810 EDI
checkmark * EDI - Ariba EDI Invoices
checkmark * EDI - Ariba cXML or CSV Invoices
checkmark * EDI - Tab-Delimited ASCII Invoices
checkmark * EDI - Custom MS Excel Invoices
checkmark * EDI - LEDES 2000 & 98B Invoices
checkmark * EDI - Custom Formats available

   WIP Analysis Available:

checkmark * by Month or Year
checkmark * by Fiscal Period or Year
checkmark * by Project
checkmark * by Employee
checkmark * by Task
checkmark * by Customer
checkmark * by Department
checkmark * by Location
checkmark * by Invocie Layout Types
checkmark * by EDI Types
checkmark * by Project Leader

      Special Rates:

checkmark * Base Project Rate
checkmark * Base Task Rate
checkmark * by Employee
checkmark * by Employee Group
checkmark * by Task Group
checkmark * by Employee for Specific Tasks
checkmark * Base Rate % Markup by Task
checkmark * Define Rate Classes by Project


checkmark * Projects Dashboard
checkmark * Work-in-Progress Inquiry
checkmark * Disbursements Inquiry
checkmark * Invoice History Inquiry
checkmark * WIP Rate Calculator
checkmark * Annual WIP Profit Analysis
checkmark * Period WIP Profit Analysis
checkmark * Employee Cross-Utilization Analysis


checkmark * PreBilling Report
checkmark * PreInvoicing Report
checkmark * WIP Detail Report
checkmark * WIP Period Analysis
checkmark * Historic Invoice Register Report
checkmark * Time-Sheet Exception Report


checkmark * Interface/Invoicing Wizard function
checkmark * Generalize Billing and Invoicing
checkmark * Generate Invoices
checkmark * De-Generate, (Undo), Invoicing
checkmark * Enter Credits
checkmark * Re-Compute WIP Rates function
checkmark * Project Write-off function
checkmark * Reconcile Paymentech Charges
checkmark * Project Code Import/Export
checkmark * Task Code Import/Export


checkmark * One or more Budgets per Project
checkmark * Budgeting for Employees
checkmark * Budgeting for Tasks
checkmark * User Define Budget Periods
checkmark * Budget vs Actuals with Variances
checkmark * for WIP Units, Costs or Revenues
checkmark * for Disbursement Costs or Revenues
checkmark * Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly,Yearly