Order Entry:

checkmark * Batched Entry with Controls
checkmark * Orders, Invoices & Credits
checkmark * Assorted Customer Selects
checkmark * Multiple Customer Ship-Tos
checkmark * Multiple Customer Bill-Tos
checkmark * Multiple Ship-From Warehouses
checkmark * "Future" Committed Sales
checkmark * Line Item Release Dates
checkmark * Inventory or Non-Inventory Items
checkmark * Substitute / Alternate Item Sales
checkmark * Serial # Entry and Inquiry
checkmark * Linked or Cross Sell Family Item
checkmark * Use Miscellaneous Customers
checkmark * Record Prepayments with Orders
checkmark * Amend Order function
checkmark * Copy from History function
checkmark * Operate as a Point-of-Sale Station
checkmark * Optional Picking Comments
checkmark * Optional Extra Order Comments
checkmark * Special Pricing Matrix
checkmark * Interface from Web Sales system
checkmark * Handle Back-Order Processing

      Quotes Entry/Management:

checkmark * By Sales Rep, Location or Company
checkmark * Screens Similar to Order Entry
checkmark * Create Quotes from Historic Orders
checkmark * Convert Quotes to Orders
checkmark * Quotes Status/Callback Report


checkmark * Interface Orders from User system
checkmark * Carousel Picking System Interface
checkmark * Print Picking Tickets
checkmark * Optional Manifest System Export
checkmark * Optional Manifest Billing Import
checkmark * Print Packing Slips (Customized)
checkmark * Convert Orders to Invoices
checkmark * Print Invoices (Customized)
checkmark * Back Order Processing
checkmark * Recorded as History in Detail


checkmark * Item Prices Query
checkmark * Active Order Inquiry
checkmark * Invoice History Inquiry
checkmark * Linked Inventory Query
checkmark * Sold Items Inquiry
checkmark * Inventory Profit Analysis Inquiry

      Price Tables:

checkmark * 10 Step Pricing Tables
checkmark * Based on Qty Ordered or $ Total
checkmark * Unit Price, Discounts or Markup %
checkmark * by Customer and Item
checkmark * by Customer and Product Category
checkmark * by Customer Type and Item
checkmark * by Cust Type and Prod Category
checkmark * by Customer
checkmark * by Item
checkmark * by Customer Type
checkmark * by Product Category
checkmark * by Customer Order $ Discount
checkmark * by Cust Type Order $ Discount
checkmark * by Customer, Ship-To and Item
checkmark * by Customer, Ship-To & Category
checkmark * by Customer and Ship-To
checkmark * by Promotion and Item
checkmark * by Promotion and Customer Type
checkmark * by Promotion & Product Category
checkmark * by Customer and Item
checkmark * Freight Rates by Ship-Via


checkmark * Back Ordered Items Report
checkmark * Committed Items Report
checkmark * Order Status Report
checkmark * Price List
checkmark * 12 Period Sales Analysis
checkmark * Order Sales Analysis
checkmark * Sales Summary Analyis Report
checkmark * Inventory Profit Analysis Report