Maintain up to 5 Depreciation Entities –

Assets may be set up to be depreciated using up to five different approaches. Each is defined as a Depreciation Entity, each with their own Fiscal Period, which can optionally generated G/L Distributions. For each Asset for each Entity, you may define different Depreciation Method, Basis for Depreciation Amount, Salvage value and Asset or Depreciation Expense accounts. Each Entity may be depreciated totally independent of one another.

Asset Master Codes –

Assets are defined with an 8 character alphanumeric code.  Asset also are recorded with a Serial Number, a Tag Label code, Supplier and a 120 character descriptive field.

5 Year Depreciation Model –

The Asset Maintenance function provides a 5 year Depreciation Forecast display as a snap-shot into the future for each Asset.  

Import/Export to Spreadsheet Capability –

The Series 5 system provides for the loading or dumping of data from or to your favorite spreadsheet.  Data can be read or written directly to Microsoft's Excel, or tab-delimited text files.
Data Import/Export is offered for the following transactions, master records or analysis:
  • Asset Master record data (import and export)
  • Asset Depreciation General Ledger Distributions (export)