Invoice Transaction Entry –

A/P Invoices are entered as sets of batches of transactions.  The batches may have control totals, and are posted with a register generated that may be printed or archived for future reference.  Invoices may also be interfaced from files down-loaded from other sources.  The types of transactions that may be entered are as follows:
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Prepaid Invoices (Check or Credit Card)
  • Adjustments
  • Credits
  • Wire Transfers

Ad-Hoc A/P Vendor Inquiry –

For a selected Vendor, you can Inquire and display lists of Unpaid Open Items, Historic Checks or Historic Invoices.  The selected transactions can also be output to spreadsheet for further analysis.

Check Processing –

The system provides for both automatic selection, or manual selection, of invoices for payment.  Invoice may be entered as Prepaids, as items to be paid by the system, or as items for a "Quick Check" that is generated and printed immediately.  Items may be marked as Manually Paid, or be paid from the system's standard check generation process.

Check Printing –

A/P Checks may be printed by the system for multiple Bank Accounts, totally independent to one another.  For each bank account, the system maintains separate Check Numbers, G/L Cash Account, A/P Control Account, Check Date formats, printer name, Reconciliation and Fraud Interface information. Checks may be printed as tractor forms, or as laser sheets.  Formats include the Canadian standard check and/or one that may be customized.  Checks may also be voided.

"Quick" Checks –

A "Quick" check may be generated at any time.  This is a check that is printed immediately following the entry of the Invoices that it pays.  Up to 8 invoices may be entered and accumulated per "Quick" check.  A separate "Quick" check register may be generated and printed.

Re-Occurring Invoice Transactions –

These are supplier Invoices that re-occur at some standard frequency.  When these batches are posted, they are similar to a normal transaction entry batch, except that they remain on the system for future use.  They may be defined as weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly sets of transactions.  The Invoice Date is automatically assigned when invoked.

Extensive Exporting to Spreasheet –

The Series 5 system provides for the loading or dumping of data from or to your favorite spreadsheet.  Data can be read or written directly to Microsoft's Excel, or tab-delimited text files.
Data Export is offered for the following transactions, master records or analysis:
  • Vendor Master record data
  • A/P Historic Open Items
  • A/P Open Items
  • A/P Distributions
  • Bank Fraud Interface
  • A/P Vendor Analysis Sub-Totals
  • A/P Accounts Analysis Sub-Totals (for simplified A/P - G/L Reconciliation