checkmark * Select by Name or Code
checkmark * 2 Contacts
checkmark * Alternate Remit-To Address
checkmark * Specify Bank for Payments
checkmark * Flag for Canadian GST/HST
checkmark * Flag for Currency
checkmark * 1099 History
checkmark * Pre-Defined Auto-Distributions
checkmark * Optional Vendor Notes
checkmark * Export to Spreadsheet Function
checkmark * Generate "Bulk" Supplier emails
checkmark * Record Contract infomation
checkmark * Record Risk Assesments info

      Transaction Entry:

checkmark * Batched Entry with Controls
checkmark * Enter Regular Transactions
checkmark * Enter Scheduled Transactions
checkmark * Enter multi-Invoice "Quick" Checks
checkmark * Enter Re-Occurrring Transactions
checkmark * Multiple A/P Control Accounts
checkmark * Wire Transfers, Debits, CrCards
checkmark * Invoices, Prepaids, or Cancels
checkmark * Adjustments of Distributions
checkmark * Separate Trx and Ledger Dates
checkmark * Multiple Bank Account
checkmark * Function to Copy from History
checkmark * Interface with Job Costing
checkmark * Interface with Purchasing
checkmark * Handles Canadian GST/HST
checkmark * Tests for Duplication of Entry
checkmark * Distribution with Jobs or Projects
checkmark * Unlimited Expense Distributions
checkmark * Transaction Posting Journals
checkmark * Interface From User Defined Files


checkmark * Vendor Open Items
checkmark * Vendor Invoice History
checkmark * Check History
checkmark * G/L Distributions
checkmark * Archived Vendor Transactions
checkmark * 72 Period or 10 Year Analysis
checkmark * Fiscal Period or Year(s) Analysis


      Management Approval:

checkmark * Up to 3 Managers per Item
checkmark * Password Protected Approval
checkmark * Mgrs. Emailed Requests to Approve
checkmark * Approval Enter Directly or by email
checkmark * Items Approval Status Report
checkmark * Mgr. Approval Reminder Emails

   Payment & Check Processing:

checkmark * Manual Selection for Payment
checkmark * Defer/Hold Selection for Payment
checkmark * Automatic Selection for Payment
checkmark * Auto Generation of Checks
checkmark * Generation of ACH Payments
checkmark * ACH Payment notifications
checkmark * Handles Multiple Bank Accounts
checkmark * Void a Single Check
checkmark * Undo a Check Generation
checkmark * Void a Set of Checks
checkmark * Check Printer Failure Recovery
checkmark * Laser or Tractor Checks
checkmark * Seperate Manual Check Register
checkmark * Seperate Prepays Check Register
checkmark * Seperate Quick Check Register
checkmark * Check Reconciliation Process
checkmark * Customized Check Layout


checkmark * Current Open Item Report
checkmark * Historic Open Item Report
checkmark * Reconciled Check Report
checkmark * Un-Reconciled Check Report
checkmark * A/P - G/L Distributions Report
checkmark * Historic Check Registers
checkmark * "Quick" Check Journal
checkmark * Vendor Analysis
checkmark * Invoice History Report
checkmark * 72 Period or 10 Year Analysis
checkmark * Fiscal Period or Year(s) Analysis