checkmark * 20 Char Alphanumeric Code
checkmark * Key by Desc, Code, UPC, Supplier
checkmark * Key also by Description Keywords
checkmark * Multiple Warehouses
checkmark * User Defined Activity Status Codes
checkmark * BOMP
checkmark * Interfaced with Purchasing
checkmark * User Defined Attributes
checkmark * PTD and YTD Sales Stats
checkmark * PTD and YTD Quantity Stats
checkmark * Maintains Stocking Quantity
checkmark * Maintains Committed Quantity
checkmark * Maintains Ordered Quantity
checkmark * Average Cost, Landed Cost
checkmark * Forecasting Algorithim Parameters
checkmark * Stats Last Year, PTD and YTD
checkmark * Stats for Last Activity Date
checkmark * Past 12 Period Quantity Stats
checkmark * Template Based Export

     Matrix Inventory Mangement:

checkmark * 3-Dimenison Matrix Sets
checkmark * Up to 35 Attributes per Dimension
checkmark * Matrix entry screens for Receivings
checkmark * Matrix entry for Count Processing
checkmark * Auto Add of Matrix Item Variants

     Interface to PO System:

checkmark * Automatic Build of PO Requisitions
checkmark * By Supplier Buyer or Re-Order Mgr
checkmark * Builds RFQs and/or Candidate POs
checkmark * Optional PO Approval Function


checkmark * Stock Status Inquiry
checkmark * BOMP Products & Components
checkmark * Forecasted Usage Calculator
checkmark * Quantity-on-Hand Update Audit
checkmark * Item Receipts and Transfers
checkmark * Inventory Checked Out
checkmark * Inventory Issued


checkmark * Item Receipts and Transfers
checkmark * Interface from Purchasing
checkmark * Inventory Usage Forecasting
checkmark * Physical Count Processing
checkmark * Generic Find and Replace
checkmark * Inventory Check-Out
checkmark * Inventory Check-In


checkmark * Stock Status Report
checkmark * Inventory Rank Report
checkmark * Inventory Monitor Report
checkmark * Inventory Value Report
checkmark * Cycle Count Worksheet
checkmark * Quantity-on-Hand Audit Report
checkmark * Purchasing Advice Report
checkmark * Items to be Replaced Report
checkmark * Items to be Returned
checkmark * Re-Order Notices
checkmark * Sales Analysis by Class
checkmark * Sales Analysis by Item